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Our Flagship model. Full Force  Model: F-201 (Patent Pending)
Can be used only in a singular mode either up against the door or set back from the door to allow the door to be slightly opened.  {More info}

(Patent Pending)


X Force Model: X-201 : This unique model is triple function. X Force can be used for outward swinging doors, inward swinging doors or both as well as revolving doors. {More Info}

(Patent Pending)


Task Force  Model T-201 (Patent Pending) Same functional characteristics as our previous models, Task Force is designed for accommodate a double door entry system. {More Info}

(Patent Pending)


Our versatile model.  Delta Force  Model: D-201 (Patent Pending)
Can be used in a dual mode Set back from the door to allow the door to be slightly opened, this model allows the unit to sit up against the door simply by adding an additional bolster unit to the Full Force  model {More Info}

(Patent Pending)

We are the manufacturer so we can design and manufacturer additional devices to fit your special door requirements. Contact us for special requests.

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Ground Force Security Inc