Full Force Security Device
  • Protect your family and property.
  • Stop violent and desperate criminals entering your home.
  • Provide sufficient time to defend yourself.
  • Superior to current methods of screws into wood doors and frames.
  • Use the strength of your floor to protect your home.
  • Great for single entry and double doors.
  • Models for internal and external swing modes.
  • Professional installation strongly recommended

The very words of Home Invasions / Burglaries, that we so often hear on our news channels, are a chilling reminder of the dangers we face every day. A Home Invasion is traumatic and instantaneous. It allows no time to defend yourself. There are many forms of protection devices to combat or minimize the risks of becoming a victim, yet, they continue.
We, at Ground Force, believe that most of the current protection devices offered on the market today rely on the door or framework for security and as such, are heavily reliant on screws as their fastening devices. This could be a poor choice when exerted forces are brought to bear upon them as screws can rip through the materials with relative ease rendering normal locking devices and dead bolts ineffective.

Ground Force has spent a great deal of time investigating the shortcomings of these existing products and designed,what we believe to be, a far superior concept and revolutionary range of devices that rely on the foundation of your home or business as the added measure of security. Our products, confirms our belief that your peace of mind starts from the Ground Up.

Should you desire to purchase one of our products, we feel confident you will agree with us.

Secure it with the floor!​

Doors, frames and screws are not strong enough.

While camera systems and alarm systems provide a sense of security, NONE of them prevent someone from breaking into your home through your door!​

Broken Door Frame


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Full Force Security Door Block

Our Flagship model.
Full Force   Model F-201.

Can be used only in a singular mode either up against the door or set back from the door to allow the door to be slightly opened.  {More info}

Delta Force Security Device

Our versatile model. 
Delta Force ™  
Model: D-201
Can be used in a dual mode Set back from the door to allow the door to be slightly opened, this model allows the unit to sit up against the door simply by adding an additional bolster unit to the Full Force model {More Info}

Task Force Security Device front view

Task Force Model: T-201
Same functional characteristics as our previous models, Task Force
is designed to accommodate a double door entry system. {More Info}


XForce Model: X-201
This unique model is triple function. X Force can be used for outward swinging doors, inward swinging doors or both as well as revolving doors.
{More Info}

Product Demonstration

Custom Fabrication Security Device
Custom Fabrication Security Device

We are the manufacturer so we can design and manufacturer additional devices to fit your special door requirements. Contact us for special requests. info@groundforceinc.com

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