Installation Instructions

Full Force Security Device
Delta Force Security Device
Task Force Security Device

We strongly recommend that our clients seek a professional installer, as precision drilling is required into tile, wood and/or concrete. Only one hole is required for installation.

Tools required are as follows:

1)       A variable speed drill  ( used for drilling tile, marble, granite)

2)       A rotary hammer drill ( used for drilling concrete/masonry)

3)       A 3/8” x 10” masonry bit ( used for drilling a pilot hole into concrete/masonry )

4)       A 1” x 10” masonry bit ( used for drilling main hole for floor insert )

5)       A 1” diamond tipped hole saw bit ( used for drilling tile, marble, granite )

6)       A 1” Forstner bit ( used for drilling into wood )

7)       A small tube of super strength anchor adhesive

8)       Masking tape


A) Select the model that best suits your preference (Full Force, Delta Force or Task Force).

B) For Full Force model, determine which mode best suits your need. Fully Closed (unit flush against the door) or Partially Open (unit set back from the door)

C) If the selected mode is Full ForceFully Closed, stand the unit, on its stem, so that it sits comfortably against the door. with the rubber pad touching the door.

D) Typically, the position of the unit should be set approximately 3″ to 4” in from the end of the door.

E) Using a marker, draw a circle around the stem on the floor.

F) Find and mark well, the center point of the circle.

G) Put masking tape over the circle. Allow for tape to be at least 1” on either side of the circle. (this will minimize any chipping or cracking when drilling)

H) Depending on the material of the floor, select either the bit described above (5 or 6) to drill down into the floor until you reach through the wood or tile using the variable drill.

I) Make sure the drill is in a perfectly vertical position and drill slowly until you reach the concrete if that is your base material.

J) Remove tile or wood debris from the hole.

K) Using the rotary hammer drill and the 3/8” masonry bit (3), drill a pilot hole into the concrete making sure the hole is in the center of the existing hole.

L) Using the 1” masonry bit (4), drill, in a perfectly vertical position, down into the concrete approximately 3” and remove debris from the hole.

M) Take the Insert and place it into the hole making sure that the flange sits firmly on the floor around the hole.

N) Remove the insert. Remove the masking tape. Clean thoroughly around the area.

O) Squeeze a small amount of anchor adhesive into the hole and around the external surface of the insert. Place the insert firmly down into the hole. Clean the area around the flange and allow to dry.

P) After drying, your unit is now ready to install into the floor with the rubber pad sitting against the door.

Q) If you select to use the Full ForcePartially Open mode, then open the door to the desired opening, place the unit against the door at the desired opening and with the marker, draw a circle around the stem. Follow the installing instructions D to P above.

R) If you select to use the versatility of the Delta Force model (Fully Closed & Partially Open mode) then assemble the bolster piece to the main unit and follow the installation steps outlined for Full Force-Fully Closed (C) above. This will allow for the unit to be flush against the door when assembled with the bolster and in the partially open position when the bolster is removed.

S) If you select the Task Force model (double door system) then follow same the steps as with the Full Force model except change the hole position location at the seam where the two doors meet.

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